January 17, 1999 pictures  
  1. Ali and Farhad on the Lake
  2. Ali and Farhad next to the Island
  3. Ali in the Island
  4. Ali working out before lunch
  5. Farhad's meditation
  6. Parvin
  7. Guys fighting
  8. Valerie with glasses
  9. On the way back (1)
  10. On the way back (2)
  11. Group picture after crossing the river
  12. On the way back (Farhad and Parvin)
  13. Parvin, Farhad, Behnam
  14. Ali and Valerie (Good Picture)
  15. What are they doing?
  16. Farhad washing face, testing shoes
  17. Farhad and Ali, first rest area
  18. Parvin in the first rest area
  19. First group on the ice
  20. Ali, claening the rest area
  21. Behnam and Parvin Cooking on the ice
  22. Farhad in the rest area
  23. Valerie in the rest area
  24. Valerie on the rocks looking down
  25. Another group picture
  26. Best Group Picture