January 10, 1999 pictures  

 Ali Happy on the lake

Ali and Valerie close to camp

Ali Resting on the first stop

Ali and Mohammad

Ali sleeping on the frozen lake

Ali Skating

Ali trying to climb an icy rock


Behnam and Farhad on the path

Best Group Picture of the day

Valerie starting to climb

Camping Place after lunch

This shows how slipery was the path

Farhad way of skating on the ice

Farhad, frist minutes on the lake

First group picture

Ice Skating by mohammad, just before getting wet.

Safe Ice Skating (Mohammad)

Behnam and Farhad on the lake

Crossing the Lake, Ali, Farhard, Behnam

Lake crossing continues

Dance on the lake, Ali and Farhad

Testing the Ice by Ali

Afternoon walk on the lake


Group on the lake, first minutes

Over the icy river

One scary part of the path

Mohammad climbing the tree

Three on the lake


Valerie Climbing

Valerie first stop